Friday, March 20, 2009

I will have to get back to you....on my time!!

It is interesting to think that just 8 short years ago...I could go somewhere with out someone freaking, yes, FREAKING out, just because they couldn't get ahold of me. I LOVE to ignore my telephone, my cell phone, my email, and now even Face Book. Here is a common conversation for me.

I'll call someone back...and the first words out of their mouth "where have you been?" Well, for starters, it is not any of your business where I've been. Another favorite is "I called your cell phone an your home phone and no one answered", again, I may have been folding laundry, vacuuming, fixing lunch, changing a dirty diaper, I may have been in the bathroom, or I might have been at the grocery store. I really love it when I'm away from home and get, "Oh, you didn't tell me you were going." Ummmm, I'm 35 now...I don't really need to tell anyone what I'm doing.

This is the best though....I finally after oh, 2 hours, yes, two long painstaking hours, called someone back...and the words just flowed from their mouth "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?? I WAS GETTING SO WORRIED THAT SOMETHING HAD HAPPENED TO YOU!! I CALLED AND LEFT MESSGES ON BOTH YOUR PHONES, EMAILED YOU AND SENT YOU A MESSAGE ON FACE BOOK, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN???!!!!???!!"

OH MY WORD!!! Sometimes, I just DON'T want to talk to ANYONE, not even you. And really? Two hours is all you had to wait....but by all out the search team!!

Technology is great, don't get me wrong..but if I answered my phone every time it wrang, responded to email every time it came in, I'd never get anything done. Sometimes I feel that the phone is a permanent appendage to my body, and my arm gets tired of holding it up!! So, on that note, if you are trying to get ahold of me, you won't DIE, the world won't come to an END, it is OK...I might just be enjoying a moment with my kids, be basking in the sun, or gasp....taking a NAP!!! Get over it already. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a few phone calls to return....SIGH!

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  1. And now when you don't post for a while I will get on here and be all "Kristen?! Where are you? You haven't written forEVER! Ha ha! I must say, I envy you those 12 wonderful hours of bliss. . .